PRS Group, Inc. Network Design and Support Professionals
Network Design and Support

We offer a full range of network solutions to meet your small business needs. 


  • Continuity and Efficiency from the Start
  • Increased Scalability and Speed
  • Dedicated Professional Service


Your ability to access company data and resources quickly, efficiently and consistently, hinges upon the design of your network. We can help you streamline your existing network by identifying data "bottlenecks", upgrading outdated components to faster and more reliable equipment, and make data recovery a breeze with added redundancy and a complete data backup solution. 

If you are a brand new business and want to get your office data and resources connected we can help you get started on the right foot. PRS Group will assess you technical needs and design a network that is practical for your budget but also allows for future growth. Our dedication to keeping your business running smoothly extends to the quality of the equipment we use in building your network. We use the latest technology from companies such as Cisco, 3Com, and Intel. 

Our first consultation is always free. We will look over your existing network and offer solutions that will help your company to grow and progress at a pace your accountant won't lose sleep over. Whether you are just starting to implement technology into your company or you already have an existing network, we can help you make your business more efficient.

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